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Valentine's Day
Valentine's gifts for Little Loves and Perfect Pets
Celebrating the ones that make the world better just by being in it
Published 27 January
For kids, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating all the people in their lives who make the world better by being in it – from teachers and playground pals to mum, dad, and the dog – and this is an ethos we can get on board with! Share the love with your little ones with these adorable Valentine’s Day gifts for pets and kids.

For kids, traditional gifts like Valentine's themed teddies, PJ’s are always a safe bet, Peter Alexander anyone? Steer clear of the chocolates this year with this selection of gifts they’ll have long after February 14 comes to an end.

Show your children the meaning of Valentine’s Day with a sweet book that encourages love and appreciation, like Forgotten Fairy Tales of Brave and Brilliant Girls from Big W or fill their school bags with affirmations and heartfelt cards that will remind them of what they’re capable of achieving. For crafty kids, a new art set and Valentine’s themed colouring book or a heart-themed puzzle will have them head over heels. Think Smiggle

If your pet is your one true love, spoil them with a treat just for them! Deck them out in new threads perfect for Valentine's Day like this adorable pink Cat Collar from Kmart. If your furry friend isn’t a fan of getting dressed up, give them something they can really sink their teeth into, such as a new toy or a sweet vet-approved treat. Petbarn have a huge range of cupid-approved pet gifts worth checking out for your favourite furry friend.

Whether it’s your picky teenager, or hobby-free husband, Watergardens has an option to spread the love to everyone this Valentine’s Day. Once the gift is sorted, start planning your date night with these fun and memorable ways to surprise your loved one.

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Published on 12 January, 2022
Published on 12 January, 2022