Contractor Induction

All contractors completing works on-site are required to complete a full induction.


For any works scheduled within QIC/Watergardens, ALL Contractor Companies & ALL Contractor Employees must complete the centre’s mandatory pre-work requirements via Beakon (the Centre’s induction platform).

These requirements consist of:

  • Register & create a Contractor Company profile via Beakon
  • Add Contractor Employees accordingly
  • Complete a Pre-Qualification Audit based on risk type (Contractor Company to complete)
  • Upload (submit) documents required for compliance (Contractor Company & Contractor Employee to submit if so required), this will consist of:
    • Public Liability of at least $20,000,000
    • Workers Compensation
    • Trade Licences (specific trades only)
  • Complete ALL learning/induction requirements assigned to you by the Centre’s management team, required for compliance

Contractors will not be able to sign in/out for any works if they are not set up, or they are non-compliant in Beakon. Contractors will be non-compliant if they have not completed the ALL induction requirements in Beakon.

For more information on requirements to work within the Centre, please contact Operations on (03) 9361 5511 or [email protected]

Thank you for taking the time to complete your induction.